This repository is designed and maintained by the Faculty of History of the University of Warsaw (WH UW) and by Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling at the University of Warsaw (ICM UW). By its very nature, it is completely open to other scientific and research organizations. All organizations that join the repository will be equally represented and will have equal rights and duties.

Cooperation of academic units and scientific institutions with the repository is highly encouraged. A new member of Lectorium gains the option to locally administer and edit the resources it submits, including the option to publish the work of its staff on behalf of the staff members. This is a good solution for organizations that maintain no repositories of their own.

Organizations that do maintain their own repositories can work together with Lectorium too. The OAI-PMH protocol offers the option of metadata exchange with other networked resources, both in Poland and abroad.

Where an existing repository is combined with Lectorium, users will download the files from their original location. This will drive the traffic to the existing repository while ensuring that bibliographical data and metadata are also represented in the disciplinary repository.

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